Currently, just about every company, organization or government is active on social media and using internal social platforms (such as Yammer, Jive or FB Workplace) to increase the involvement and engagement of employees, partners and citizens.

Ensuring a good flow of information in a way that allows the information to be easily assimilated is crucial in this regard. The use of video is an accessible and efficient way to accomplish this.

The Moodboards offer was specifically designed with this goal in mind: produce short videos that attract attention, inform and increase viewer engagement. Just because messages on social media with a video are viewed more, shared more and liked more.

Your business in the spotlight on social media? Moodboards are perfect for this!


Moodboards are short video clips of about 15 seconds and consist of a combination of text, video / photos / graphic artwork and animation. They are designed to immediately grab the viewer's attention, reinforce the message in a visual way and conclude with a call-to-action or closing message.

Moodboards are created based on existing or newly created visual material. These are not always video images, but are often based on photos, graphic artwork and web content.

The styleguide of your communications is respected. Send us the fonttype, logo and brand colors you use and we will use them for creating your moodboards.

You want to start using moodboards in your communications ? That's possible !


Moodboards are ideal for storytelling. Show with images what you, as a company or government, do on a daily basis for your customers and citizens, and bring your story to life.

Allow a closer look behind the scenes.. Send invites for events you are organizing. Put an employee in the spotlight. Show the result of a litter-cleanup campaign. Put your local tourist attractions in the spotlight. Announce planned (and unplanned) roadworks. Showcase your new products and innovations.... The opportunities are endless.


It depends on the footage (the videos, pictures, music) or artwork that has to be used. There are two scenario's: You use existing footage or artwork, or you film, take pictures or create artwork yourself and hand over the footage together with the text that needs to be displayed to FifthString.
In the second scenario it is FifthString that creates the footage as part of the assignment.

Scenario 1: You use existing artwork or create it yourself.

1 Moodboard: 375 EURO
5 Moodboards: 1.719 EURO
10 Moodboards: 3.199 EURO
More than 10 Moodboards: contact FifthString

Prices are valid as from 01/09/2022 and are exclusive VAT. Billing is done at the time the order is placed. You have two years to have your moodboards produced. Pricing for GIF animations is available upon request.
Please note that the resolution of the footages has to be good quality (for video at least 1280x720 pixels, and for pictures at least 5 Megapixels.

Scenario 2: Fifthstring create the video and pictures

In this case we have to discuss first because a lot of parameters have an impact on the price. The story, the purpose of the moodboards, the time needed to film it, the location, travel cost, drone filming,... We will discuss all this upfront and make a personalized quote.

Moodboards on Twitter? Sure, along with my personal tweets of course.

CINEMAGRAPHS, trending in 2021

A cinemagraph is a living image. It's based on a still photograph that contains an element of movement lopped seamlessly to create a never ending moment in time. The continuous movement is contrasting with the stillness of the rest of the image and therefor draws the attention of the viewer. It's perfect to catch someones attention to something that you want to put forward.

They are ideal for spotlighting a product, service or a special place, and they allow the viewer to "linger" a little longer with your post and absorb the message better.

Creating a cinemagraph is always custom work and done in close consultation with the client. What is the goal? Which element in the cinemagraph needs to be brought to the fore? What other elements contrast with it? What moves, what doesn't? How do we visualize all this? These are the questions that need to be answered beforehand.


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